November 2, 2011



"i had every intention of not commenting on this. i mean, what is there to say that already hasnt been said a million times and more eloquent at that?
"but chris, we want your opinion."
well, i feel like most of you do. shit sucks. some asshole with raging insecurities and a chemical imbalance senselessly murdered a bunch of sons and daughters. i feel terrible for the families, friends, faculty and everyone involved who this touched.

but what gets me after all of this is how people propose these “solutions”. talk of more security, taking away guns and throwing meds at anyone who even looks like they may own a my chem cd. see, thats the problem, no one is talking about the real problem here. what did that maniac have in common with the fuckers from columbine and almost every other assface that ran into school shooting motherfuckers up?
that they were outcasts, that they were teased and taunted and made to feel insignificant and small.

if anyone truly gave a shit, they would promote diversity and tolerance.
if anyone gave a shit, they would see that their intolerant behavior of muslims, koreans, foreigners, gays, blacks, mexicans, jews or anyone else that the majority thinks is “weird” is simply exasperating the situation by promoting bigotry and provides a breeding ground for all of the worlds potential assholes.

so yeah, the kid speaks with a fucking mumble, so the fuck what? oh, he cant speak english very well, oh fuck him…i suppose he isnt a human fucking being with feelings and emotions and a mother that he kisses when he gets home from school just like you. so it may take him a little bit longer at the cash register to understand when you say “whopper”. so the dude like putting his peepee in other dudes butts, SO THE FUCK WHAT.
"oh, its not natural" they say.
oh, are all those fuckshits on ‘to catch a predator’ natural?
all the assholes who abuse their neighbors little kids natural?
when your BF wants to put it in YOUR ass, is THAT natural?
is the sex you have with a condom natural?
what about that one time when you put your peepee in the vacuum? was that natural?
or the time you rubbed it on the cat till you came, was that?
what about the cars you drive around in? are they natural or are you too good for the legs god gave you?
or your skinny jeans…
or your 10 pounds of makeup…
or the way you lie to everyone and hide the fact that you secretly throw up after meals, is that natural?

if you havent figured it out yet, WHO GIVES A FUCK what IS or what ISNT NATURAL or NORMAL.
so the kid comes from mexico and doesnt wear your fancy jeans, does this mean that the comments you hurl hurt his feelings any less?
or the way you preface your sentences with, “now, im not a racist buuuut…” do you think you’re not perpetuating those negative sentiments?

every time you exclude, every time you smudge someones shine, every time you reduce someone in the halls, you cultivate an atmosphere and a climate for maniacs to run amok. but see, it can stop here. its not about ribbons and stickers and hats promoting “support”. just because you dropped $3.95 on a window cling for your car doesnt do dick. its your behavior and your good will and COMPASSION that will truly make a difference.
NO ONE in the history of ANYTHING ever made a situation better by hating.


so in the end, we may never know if cho seung-hui just wanted a fucking friend. maybe he was fucked beyond repair…but maybe not. or maybe if people didnt fuck with him so goddamn much and maybe extended a hand once in a while, maybe he would have had an outlet to release his anger. maybe that friend could have talked him into counseling or told him he wasnt alone or made him understand that people with money arent the emeny or MAYBE, just maybe someone could have held a mirror in front of his fucking face and said, “bro, i think you have a problem you might need to get help for.”

when i was younger, the group of kids i hung out with were bullies. we teased this kid named joe mercilessly. year after year, why? because he was jewish and had a weird haircut. year after year until high school. a few years after high school joe called the police to his house saying someone had a gun. they showed up and drew their guns…joe walked to the door with a gun in his hand and pointed it at the cops. they shot and killed him.

he called the cops on himself because he wanted to die. instead of taking people with him, he decided to die alone…with a BB gun in his hand.

and MAYBE, just maybe if one of us would have spoken up somewhere along the line and said, “dude, lets leave him alone today.” maybe joe would have seen that there was a tiny bit of compassion behind the eyes of his enemies.

but none of us spoke up.
and joe is dead”

- Chris Gutierrez

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